So  I hope you are all doing well. I'm feeling good after two days of being sick this week so I had a really good first week of school ... haha not. Yesterday I got some new glasses but today I had to bring them back. I couldn't wear them, because I got immediately a headache. So now they gonna change the glasses and hopefully I get them soon again. 
This Outfit I wore on my first day of school. It's nothing special, but I like it. It's so comfy but with the leather jacket it's a little bit more sleek.

I just noticed that I haven't told you that I cut my hair. Well in these pictures you can see how it looks. Do you like it? I wanted to cut them like this for a really long time, but I was always too afraid and know I'm happy that I've finally done it.


  1. den hoddie finde ich echt klasse!
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥

  2. ich hab vor kurzem auch meine haare abgeschnitten und ich liieebe es :D und bei dir sieht es auch super aus :)
    liebe grüße, kathrin


  3. Die Frisur steht dir wirklich gut! Schönes Outfit!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Hana von